But, to my astonishment, he told

But, to my astonishment, he told But, to my astonishment, he told how the father could talk to it much.

He told how it would be easier for it to listen to the father and to discuss with it things, important for it.

I thought: It is a pity that his father of it does not hear!

And, actually why?

What stopped us and did not allow to express to parents our opinion?

I decided to find out.

Nearly three years I discussed with teenagers as parents can adjust worthy communication with us.

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In general, as I understood, such

In general, as I understood, such And when to you this uncertainty will be classified will be so and if that that, so fears are dispelled.

In general, as I understood, such occupations it is similar to sessions of group psychotherapy: the problem is discussed, ways are found its solutions, the knowing people give you positive installation on successful result, this installation at you in the head is thoroughly stamped, and as a result everything really comes to an end well as initially you were adjusted on a positive.

The spirit is a great thing!

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Besides, video

Besides, video Therefore videos facilitate communication of parents with experts, and also interaction of experts among themselves.

Besides, video allows parents to take a detached view of the daughter or the son, to see that their child is much more independent, than they thought, or it is correct to define, in what his difficulty.

Training in new techniques of occupations When both parents cannot be present at the same time on therapeutic occupation with the child, video gives them the chance to look at houses that it did on occupation, and to learn about changes of the program.

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It is very

It is very Revolutions Now the baby can already turn over from a stomach on a back.

During this movement there is a turn of a humeral belt rather pelvic that is rotation of a trunk, and all body is unbent.

It is very important skill necessary then to rise and most to go.

Sight and thin motility Control of position of the head allows to look after the subject moving in any direction now.

Besides, he can already consider small subjects.

If earlier own reflection in a mirror brought the kid into bewilderment, now he reaches for a mirror and pats on it as already recognizes himself.

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All system

All system It would seem, all surrounding life imposes absolutely other behavior model.

All system of training of the human being since the Stone Age is constructed on coercion to obedience blow by a cudgel that in a hand of the leader, an edikta and charters, laws, courts and everything on what, actually, our civilization is under construction, and forces the person to submit to survive, having become the in a board.

And only this deeply hided instinct of nonobedience prevents to triumph on a global scale to laziness, indifference, readiness to turn into an obedient ram.

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